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Anasa Pandu Kodi (Chicken with Pineapple )

“What does this musical sound mean,Maa ?” asked my son as I was experimenting with the name of this chicken preparation.
“Well, Kodi means chicken and anasa pandu means pineapple” showed my confidence after a lot of research.
“Sounds interesting, hope the taste will do justice to its name.” his voice clearly showed his less confidence on the fruit and chicken medly.😂
However, when I forced my husband to ask his colleagues at Chennai to verify the meaning of this name, I got a lot of synonymous names and they were really happy because at least for me they discussed about something interesting apart from their regular discussions on ‘funnel, commit, achievement etc.”☺
Food is secret of happy living and experimenting with new recipes is adventurous living.😎
Finally, the combination got its appreciation and the famous Bengali food magazine “Hangla” published it in their July,2017 edition.

My son said, “ Pineapple is not that bad as I used to think…actually it tastes good when cooked with chicken.”
‘Mother’s trick’ it was to feed her kid pineapple, a fruit with lots of benefits. Only a word of caution for the would-be mothers: don’t eat pineapple in the first 3 months of your pregnancy as it contains bromelain which causes abortion.

Let’s go to the kitchen.


Pineapple Juice – 200 ml.
Ripe Pineapple slices – 8 pieces.
Chicken- 500 gm, cut into 1.5’’ cube pieces.
Ginger paste – 2 tb sp.  Garlic paste – 1 tea sp.
Onion – 2 big, finely sliced.
Onion paste – 2 tb sp.
White Oil – 3 tb sp.
Green Chilli – 2/3 ,  Red Chilli whole – 1 piece.
Red chili powder- ½ tea sp.
Kashmiri Lal Mirch – 2 tb sp.
Nutmeg powder – 1 .5 tb sp.
Garam Masala – 1 tea sp.
Whole mustard seed (black) -1 tea sp ( for tempering)
Curry leaves – 10-12 pieces.
Salt and Sugar (according to taste)
Pineapple Essence – 2/3 drops (optional)


Let’s start cooking:

1. Marinate the chicken cubes in ginger paste (2 tb sp) , Pineapple Juice- 50 ml., Salt and Sugar for 30 mins. ( For better taste marinate for 2 hours )
2. Heat a pan. Put the oil. When the oil is properly hot add a pinch of mustard seeds and a whole red chilli as Phoron (in Bengali) or tempering. A good smell will inform you to add the sliced onions in it. Now saute until the onions become trasluscent .
3. Add g-g paste, onion paste and curry leaves pieces and fry until oil separates.
4. Put the marinated chicken pieces and all the spices left and mix them well with a spud.
5. After 5 mins add the pineapple pieces, salt and sugar and fry until the oil separates.
6. Now add the rest pineapple juice, a little water and close the pan with a lid. Put the flame low and let it simmer for 10-15 mins. Then put out the flame.
7. You can add some more fresh, green curry leaves and add 2 drops of essence (if you like) along with a pinch of nutmeg powder and close the lid for 10 mins.
8. Open the lid, garnish with fresh cream and serve with oven-fresh phulka.


Please try this at home and let me know how you liked it. I will be happy to hear from you.





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