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Some words for my son.

Yesterday I watched “PINK”, the movie by Soojit Sarkar. After coming out of the hall, I realised that our boys should be taught to be a MAN in this patriarchal society. So I scribbled a few words for my son…. here it is:

Boy, you are a boy,

and you should know

how to be a man.

A man is not the

opposite of a woman,

They both make a world,

a beautiful world.

Boy, you are a boy

and you should be a man.

Have courage and be kind,

a true friend will you find

in Man and Woman alike;

See through the heart

with rational eyes I help

you to explore everyday. 

Boy, a woman is the

best creation ever did

He make, for He knoweth-

The world is a stage and

only she remembers her

part and speech-

each and every page.

So, my dear son, be a man

who respects each human.

12 thoughts on “Some words for my son.”

  1. Your lines are so depictable & relatable …. I’m pleased to see that you frame your lines into poetry so well… it was an astonishing & beautiful piece for me . Lov’d your expressive behaviour in this . Thank u for sharing

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