Travel # India

An adventurous trip to Kolakham

Nothing can be better than spending a short holiday at the small villages of Darjeeling in this summer. We planned to stay a few days at Kolakham, Bidhyang and Sillery Gaon. All these are small villages in Darjeeling district.

Kolakham is 40 mins journey from Lava. The road to Kolakham is broken and rocky. Our journey was really adventurous. We reached NJP very late, at 4 pm. Had heartwarming and tongue pampering Chicken Momos at Lohapool…some 20 kms away from NJP on the way to Lava. Vendors selling fresh mashroom, buds of anterium and drizzling rain started to give romantic nuances to travellers down spirits.  However, the drizzle slowly turned into heavy rain. The valley was already covered with clouds. Now the roads became invisible. Haze was the only thing visible. Our driver was an experienced one,  knew the turns, he kept on changing between head light and fog light to make the way visible. Dark forest, deep valley, heavy rain, gashing winds and only the sound of our car….I thought we were going on a journey to eternity. Our dark and tall driverji in black dress somehow lent an eerie feeling to my weird thought.


Finally, we reached Lava. At a rainy night Lava Bazar looked unknown. Shops were closed, lights from road side hotels made   the darkness more vivid.The bazar reminded me of the almost closed bazar of “Araby” by James Joyce. Our driverji declared that his Scorpio would not be safe for us on the road to Kolakham. So we had to shift to a Tata Gold.
Again, a hip- hop journey of 45 mins through the road of clouds. I just hold the hand of my 9 years old son who could not understand the gravity of the situation.  Ignorance is always a bliss. Not knowning the turns, not knowing the way, I surrendered ourselves to the almighty. But could never close my eyes. 5th gear, a second steep drive and safely we reached our destination. Incessant rain now feels like blessing on my cheeks.Kolakham Retreat…Thanks Spring Vale.

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