White Chicken


White Chicken

Ingredients :-

Chicken- 500 gm. (with bone)
Curd – 200 gm.
Poppy Seed -150 gm ( paste)
White Oil – 4 tb sp full
Garlic – 12 cloves paste.
Onion paste – 1 tea spoonful
Ginger -1/2 tea spoonful
Green Chilli – 3 whole paste

How to Cook:

First clean the chicken pieces, pat dry. Then fry the pieces till light brown. Now marinate the pieces of chicken in spice paste, add a tea spoonful of salt. Prick the chicken pieces with fork so that the spices can make them softer and tastier. Put it aside for 3 hrs.
Now heat a pan, put the chicken along with spices into it. Whip the curd and poppy seed paste together.Mix it with the chicken. Cover with a lid. let it boil, then put the flame at sim. Cook it for 30 mins. Add water and salt if needed. Wait till the oil comes over the gravy. A blended smell of garlic and curd is its speciality.
It can be served with Roti or Jeera Rice.

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